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For years,nearly all of the worlds iPhone and iPad rolled off the assembly lines of a single company 3360 fox conn。这家公司是富士康公司。it was a famous partnership between two out size personalities-Steve jobs,apple Inc . s intense and mercurial co-founder The Taiwanese me这是两位个性独特的人物达成协议的著名合作关系。一个是苹果(Apple Inc)专注且难以捉摸的牵头创始人史蒂夫乔布斯(Steve jobs),另一个是在一定程度上苛刻的富士康董事长郭泰明。


but under current chief executive Tim cook,apple is dividing its weight more equally with a relatively unknown supplier,Giving the technology但是在苹果目前的首席执行官库克(Tim Cook)的带领下,苹果更公平地将自己的工作转包给了其他知名企业。因此,该技术巨头的供应链更加平衡。Pega tron Corp .named after the flying horse pegasus,Will be the primary assembler Of a low-cost iPhone expected to be offered la ter this yes哇锡州科技有限公司(Pegatron Corp)将成为预计今年年底发售的低价iphone的主要组装企业。

而且,石雕的名字来源于希腊神话中的Pegasus。富士康的同性竞争对手小规模席位在2011年沦为iphone的次要制造商,并从去年开始生产ipad迷你平板电脑。pega trons rise means an end to The monopoly that Foxconn technology group-The trade name for hon hai precision industry co .The worlds largest哇石雕的崛起意味着富士康对苹果移动产品生产的独家帷幕。

富士康是世界第二大电子产品合同制造商红海仪器工业股份有限公司(Hon Hai Precision Industry Co)的商标名称。people familiar with The matter point to strategic reasons for The shift 3360 risk divers ification after fox conns manufacturing glitches last yeas消息人士知道某去年开始生产富士康的战略原因,三星电子(Samsung Electronics Co)和其他企业的竞争越来越激烈,苹果的产品线不断扩大。pega tron also has been willing to accept thinner profits as it courts apples business,analysts said . the company declined to comment about和锡的价格Apple declined to comment。苹果没有发表评论。

foxconns cost advantages from scale have waned as it works to improve factory conditions after a spate of high-profile worker suicides and accides REE.备受关注的一系列职员自杀和事故再次发生后,为了提高工厂条件,富士康的规模成本优势已经减弱很久了。2011年一家工厂发生爆炸,数十名工人受伤在短时间内引起首席和公众关注,但这一规模较小的企业在很大程度上避免了一系列备受关注的事件。正是这些事件导致富士康提高工资,改变了与工人相关的各种方法。

Foxconn,in its growing heft as the worlds largest electronics contract company,was also getting more difficult for apple to control相关人士表示,作为全球第二大电子产品合同制造商,富士康的影响力进一步扩大,苹果也无法控制该企业。此前,富士康更改了零部件订单来源,但没有通知道歉等事件再次发生。


与此同时,富士康对日益简单的苹果产品感到反感。例如富士康的iphone 5产量不符合苹果的要求。executive changes at apple have also made a difference . Mr . jobs had been easier at forgiving his favorite manufacturing partner,According to库克表示,目前乔布斯和郭泰明比起“在一定程度上重视英雄情结的这两位商业领导人”(一位熟人的原话)建立的独特的紧密伙伴关系,更注重风险的集中。


but with its growing importance as an apple supplier,Pegatron will likely also face growing scrutiny . the company declined to comment on whethether但是随着化石作为苹果供应商的重要性日益显现,该公司有可能面临更多的审查。2011年工厂再次发生爆炸后,锡和锡没有评论他是否改变了各种工作方法。as with other contract manufacturers,Pegatrons success is based largely on secrecy and tact as it juggles production of competing products froducts“sensitive projects are cordoned off by key card access,Or even face recognition software台北郊外华丽的座位总部建筑物中,为不同顾客服务的工程师中午在同一家餐厅睡觉和上班后,被健身房填满,但很少告诉对方明确的工作内容。脆弱的项目通常由出入控制系统,甚至面部识别软件监控。

while pega tron migh seem to be a new comer on the surface,the Taipei-based companys apple ties run deep,With its earlier incarnation package pega tron senior vice president Andy tsai said that in 1999,the company he founded,alpha-top technology Corp .Landed the contration科硕的高级副总裁蔡振国回应说,1999年成立的公司Alpha-Top技术公司签署了苹果公司的第一代iBook生产合同。第一次合作没有成功:台湾大地震导致工厂停电,停产。At that time,there were a lot of apple people in my factory,telling us to find a solution,said Mr . tsai . I bought a lot of power ger And we event蔡振国表示,当时我们工厂里有很多苹果的人想出了解决方案。

我买了很多发电机,我们甚至在纸盒装配线上使用了蜡烛。Alpha-top管理to keep its apple business,although orders tapered off after it was acquired by asustek computer Inc .Which juggled its own competing brand and contract work . asustek spun off Inc .Alpha-Top被爱石电脑有限公司(Asustek Computer Inc)收购后,公司的订单逐渐增加。华硕专门从事合同生产业务,同时积极销售自己的同类品牌。

在顾客的压力下,华硕于2010年挤出合同生产业务,正式成立化石。pega trons revenue in the first quarter-219.1 billion new Taiwan dollars(美国$ 7.4 billion)-is dwarfed by foxcons nt $。

the smaller company also has thinner operating margins 3360 0 0.8% compared with fox conns 1.7%。石科第一季度销售额为2,191亿新基准货币(约74亿韩元),规模小,石科的运营利润也低,与0.8%相比,富士康为1.7%。Pegatron,which has about 100,000 employees in Taiwan and China,expects to increase its China workforce in the second half of the year bar Chinapega tron began making ipad minis last year,But some people familiar with the situation said low yield rates meant volume was lower than originall科锡从去年开始生产IPAD mini,但一些相关人士表示,由于锡的生产率低,产量赶不上原来的计划,最终富士康分担了大部分生产任务。


theres a learning curve for any new products,so our yield rates are increasing,said mr.lin,although he declined to comment on any,但是他是一个什么样的苹果more than half of pega trons revenue in its consumer-electronics and communication s businesses this year will be from apple,Said kgi securitiesKGI Securities的分析师Angela Hsiang表示:“今年锡的消费电子及通信事业销售额她预计今年销售的大部分IPad mini和即将上市的大部分低端iphone将由化石生产。Foxconn spokesman Simon hsing conceded the company is in the midst of a challenging period。Foxconn spokesman Simon hsing conceded the company is in the midst of We are transforming the business and expanding in areas like-commerce。